Past weeks we traveled through Colombia to reach Panama. A rather quick taster of Colombia to reach our final destination here in Latinoamericana. (Technically Panama is Central America, which means we cannot use our guidebook anymore;))

In Colombia we managed to unwind at the Caribbean coast of Palomino. The hostel provided for hammocks, daily fresh bread, fresh pressed juices and pancakes; the perfect place to relax. We found ourselves in the same restaurant 3 times, which was a compliment to the chef rather than us being lazy. I loved their dish named Caribe Caribe; something like a half potato croquet filled with smoked fish finished with cilantro, pickles and a spicy sauce.

After updating our wardrobe with some summer proof clothes in colorful Cartagena we lifted the anchor of our catamaran to sail to Panama via the San Blas islands. Hundreds of screensaver ready islands lined up with palm trees white sand beaches in bright blue water awaited us.

As the sea was calm even I was able to enjoy the open sea crossing:), it was amazing; sunny weather during the days, falling stars in the night! Dolphins, turtles, starfish and all combined with delicious prepared fresh seafood bought from the local fishermen and juicy tropical fruits which simply taste better when you eat them in the tropics.

At the Panama channel we have been gazing at the huge ocean steamers passing through these awkward tiny locks. In the afternoon the boats full of containers kept passing; we gazed at it till we were requested to leave as the visitor center already closed:)

The coming weeks we will travel around Panama a bit before heading to NYC and our short visit to Europe. Then another part of the world is waiting for discovery:)

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