Wow the two weeks in Europe went by fast, so happy to see and hug everyone. It was for us a great intermezzo, the time in South America went by fairly fast, seems like yesterday we arrived at the bottom of Argentina. Via many countries we steadily worked our way up all the way to NY. 

And we enjoyed all of it! What a journey and that was only halfway! In the meantime we flew out again to Kathmandu for the second leg of our discoveries.

Halfway there is time for some reflection. The general question one always asks and always answers whilst traveling? Where you are from? Giving you a status of one of the countries inhabitants(another Dutch or wow that’s amazing (and actually where the f*#k is Czech Republic??))

Most important lesson? Be hospital that’s what you can offer to anyone anywhere and is always appreciated. And show real interest, we have so many quick meetings, the genuine ones will give you most. Take the time and talk with the people, leave the phone the phone for a while. We met many people in all kind of places and enjoyed how they shared their knowledge, their stories, a place to stay, dinner or a drink with us. We got offered rides by cars and bus which made us feel like the most special travelers on earth. If we can ask for anything in the months to come than please more of that. 

To conclude we were happy for all experiences, were happy to be back  in Europe and are happy to still have an amazing journey ahead of us! 

See you soon with our adventures from Nepal!

Underneath some pics from NYC!


The lady at night
China town
The impressive new WTC and memorial
Central Park
Brooklyn street art













Brooklyn Bridge
Famous street artists

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