Namaste! From Nepal!

First thing I find out in this country is that namaste is a greeting when u meet someone, I somehow thought it was just the ending of a yoga class:)

We arrive in Kathmandu with only one bag, the other bag decided to travel for some time without us, good thing was it arrived before we started our trekking. 

Until we got in the taxi in Kathmandu, we planned to do the Annapurna trek, possible to do on your own as it gave a great impression to Katka last time she was here. But in the taxi we met some travel agent, planting a Manaslu trek seed in our planning. Which was why we found us in the travel agency of the brother of the hotel owner a day later deciding to not only go for the Manaslu trek but to extend it with a side trek to the Tsum valley. 

Just 18 days… well that was some cool experience. Sometimes literally freezing, amazed by the stunning views, overwhelmed by the friendliness of the Nepalese people. 

It was very impressive to see how basic the people live close to the Tibetan border, a remote area with small, self sufficient villages complimented with luxurious items for the tourists from China (Mars, Coke, Whisky). A hot shower became a luxury as well as the usage of WiFi or reception on the Phone. 

It’s my first trekking experience for so many days and it was a great one! We have a lot of time to talk, to learn our languages, to think and to switch off completely. I even forgot which day of the week it was. 

After this amazing experience we will never forget we relax our bodies in lake town Pokhara before heading to the National Park. 

Namaste from Nepal!

Love Harm and Katka

Hindu Temple Kathmandu
Holy men
Pagoda, Kathmandu














White laundry….
Manaslu trek
Tsum Valley
Buddhist Tsum valley
Manaslu trek
Manaslu trek
Magical temple
Manaslu trek
Impossible weight
Golden mountains, golden moment
Reaching the pass
Travel company
Tsum Valley


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