Unreal was the word popping up in my mind today whilst flying from Nepal to India, a plane full of Indians and a handful of tourists from all over the world. We fly with an amazing view outside the Himalayas peer through the clouds, Kathmandu is already indulged by the smog. 

The unreal relates to how it feels to fly in general and to fly to India specifically; flying became such a routine the last half year, I even don’t know how long the flight will take. All I know is it’s the same drill as every time we fly: in time transport to the airport, standing in line to drop the bag and get the ticket, (be surprised by the creativity of airlines to earn some on top money) security controls (surprisingly different in every country), safety instructions tailored to the airline company followed by an immigration process performed by serious looking people and last but not least the hassle of finding a proper transport to the hotel, always on the alert for overpriced options and other scams. 

On the other hand, unreal to finally visit India, a dream destination, romanticized by the image of the Taj Mahal and feared by the first reaction I get from every India visitor; “India, be prepared for everything”. And now in the air flying towards the dirtiest city on earth I can only say I am happy to go. Curious to see the Taj Mahal and ready in my mind to deal with the chaos and all the other impacts we will encounter. 

On the final bus ride in Nepal one last advice; get angry only once a day 🙂 well let’s see:)

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