A deep impression, is what India left to me the last 2 weeks, be it the lack of moments of rest, the time traveling takes or the food and the pollution beating up the body; I believe it is difficult to visit India not coming back humble, acknowledging the possibilities one gets in life, confused and heavily impressed by the beauty of the country. And all that whilst we have only seen the tiny, rather touristy, part of India named Rajastan. 

We have had the opportunity to discover a world which I thought to believe existed only in fairytales, the world of 1001 nights, with castles and palaces; visiting the places once inhabited by sultans, princesses and royals, where trade caravans consisted of camels and elephants would come and go and the goods sold on the markets in the city. It also is a showcase of the continuing wide range between the rich and the poor. 

We have seen unbelievable buildings in colors like blue, pink, yellow, marble white showing the amazing work human hands have been able to craft; the most amazing places in the world with well known Taj Mahal as it’s crown, a perfect place; a true wonder of the world. 

Looking forward for the coming week where I hope to find a great yoga experience in a peaceful environment as all impressions one takes in makes the body and mind tired. India, a truly unique destination on our journey. Which is kept in the following phrases of the last weeks:

“There is not such a thing as a quiet room, this is India.“

“Dessert mama is cold but makes you breakfast in bed.“

“Bhooeee” (the sound of the cow, simply everywhere, be it in the car, at the barbershop, in the hotel or in the restaurant)


The peacock; truly India
The pink city Jaipur
A chance to live in a castle
Just us in the dessert
It took some to get me on a camel
Dreamy Pushkar
Stunning Jain temple in Ranakpur
Sultans, princesses and elephants in the Amber palace
The blue city of Jodhpur
Romantic Udaipur


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