We stayed in the yoga capital of India, maybe even of the world; Rishikesh. Yoga literally is everywhere and the daily practice slowly made me a bit flexible. We planned to stay for a week and booked us a stay in an ashram, yoga lessons combined with an Ayurveda treatment; patchakarma. The idea is to clean the body and to rest as the first period in India was intense. 

After receiving electric shocks in the shower it was clear we needed to find a different place! We were very happy to have found a great family owned hotel with the rather ambitious name seventh heaven. But it was perfect, great Indian food, super friendly staff and adorable kids. 

The food was going to be a small issue though; detox in this case also means very limited choices; no coffee, no tea, no alcohol, no potatoes, no etc.

After a craving start, I noticed every cheesecake in a radius of 50 meters, I slowly became more aware how thoughtless I could place food and beverage in my mouth, especially me having a sweet tooth. Also the size of the portions and the abundance of choices and tastes became very clear. A good eye opener! 

The physical detox, eye, nose, ear, intestine cleaning included many visits to the bathroom and loads of Ayurveda oil everywhere. I safe you the photographs:) I guess best way to describe how it felt is that I started to feel a reconnection to my body; eat what you need rather than choose from all that is available; and ok it was not really tough as even basic Indian food is very very delicious. 

India, you either hate it or you love it! Or? You don’t really know and you also don’t know if you will be back another time to check it out….

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