Before arriving in one of the worlds most splendid centers of commerce, Bangkok, we have been in a country which felt rather opposite. In Myanmar (compulsory Burma in brackets) it felt like as if time stood still. Gazing through the windows of the bus I saw acres plowed by water buffaloes and wooden cards with big bags of rice, peppers or peas pulled by an ox. We crossed through bustling markets, saw people hanging at the back of a truck as means of transportation all whilst we were cruising in our comfortable mini bus over the toll paid asphalt roads. 

The red color of the Burmese soil contrast with the green of palm trees and other vegetation. Today we pass hundreds of similar looking plastic chaired restaurants to have our lunch break at the worst of them all. 

The faces of the people are in a wood based cream, protecting them agains the sun but also serve as decorations so very typically for this country. The highlight and literally the highest point was a magical air balloon ride seeing the sunrise over the 1000nds of pagodas in Bagan. 

I have been very much surprised by the beauty of this country, another fantastic experience here in Asia, where traveling is very rich as the cultures are more different from our home experiences. 

Our next adventure awaits, Cambodia with its beautiful temples!

Trekking From Kalaw
Harvest by hand in the simmering sun
Sunrise over Bagan
Cruising our e-bike through the pagodas
A once in a lifetime opportunity
Smooth ride in the balloon
Bagan, city of pagodas
In the surroundings of Mandalay

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