Even-though I practice yoga from time to time, I know I will never have the flexibility of a snake human. But this evening two weeks ago it was like I practiced reverse yoga, every exercise it seemed I got less flexible. It was a first sign for the days to come. 

Maybe some food would do me good, here quickly came the second sign, I was not hungry, well that’s kinda weird for me. And then when a great falafel and a freshly prepared humus doesn’t taste well you know something is happening inside the body. 

That first night in the hotel was demanding, it felt like high fever, but  no single drop of sweat. Cold compress to chill and an apathetic state of mind. Maybe too much sun? Dehydration? 

Thanks to the care of Katka who was busy freezing some towels in our mini bar, next morning I woke up in a better condition. Happy for that we went for our breakfast to only some minutes after be back in the bed. Headache. I have had a headache before, but this was for me the mother of headaches. Holy shit, and no matter how many ibuprofen or aspirin I took, no changes or at least not for the better. 2 days of just lying in the bed followed, only waking up for a nice new rehydration drink.  

Thus we decided to go for the planned trip to Ko Chang Island in Thailand, waiting for us. Luckily we had organized our own transport so the driver could stop at the side of the street when necessary. I still don’t remember much of the trip, but we made it. 

The welcome drink I skipped for a pillow in our AC room, next morning blood test at some island clinic as I still had this headache. Never forget these happy guys, good news, you probably have dengue the dr. told me; at least you know what you have. Probably also explains why ibuprofen didn’t work, making the thin blood even thinner. 

Next day was like a little miracle, I felt hungry again, thirsty and was looking forward to do something else than just lie in the bed. Blood test unfortunately showed something else. Worse values. 

But if I would feel better no need for further testing, and the good thing is, I did feel better. Till yesterday evening the insurance got in touch. How I felt and if I have a new test done. Long story short no flying if the value is not 100 and flying we want to do tomorrow. Rearranging the bus to Thailand and another visit to the clinic still did not give us the green light. I do feel good but my current value is 91. One more day, keep the fingers crossed!

And then, just as we arrive in Bangkok my head starts to explode again. Was the previous headache heavy, this one was literally an amazing experience, no matter what I tried, my head was pulsing in pain, my stomach upset and fever was back, big time. OMG tomorrow suddenly seems very far away. 

Waking up in the morning, the magic of sleep proved itself again, not fit but without headache we start again refilling the body with mineral and liquids and keep up the good mood! After lunch with friends it was time for the final test. The hospital was like a hotel, doormen, receptionists, escalators very elegant decoration. The only difference; I don’t wanna stay here!

And I don’t have to! Africa here we come!

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