Last weeks we drove a huge 4×4 Toyota Hilux through Botswana and Namibia. We had to find our way over deep sandy roads, rocky slopes and dense horned forests. It was a new type of adventure and getting stuck in the sand knowing wild predators or big elephants with small kids are just outside of the car does make it a thrilling experience!

Sleeping on the roof of the car and being alone on the camping surrounded by nothing but stars was the ultimate relaxing and a bit scary; who knows what hungry animals are behind the tree?

Botswana was very green and very stretched out, we traveled long distances and were happy to get to the more accessible Namibia where we traveled on the gravel roads together with Rienke and Husam. 

When it came to food, we mostly cooked on a single fire, went to Fork ‘n nice, yes the name of this joint is pronounced as focking nice, where we ate worlds best fish and chips and had some wood fired bbqs at the camping washed down with cider and local beer. Even after 10 months of traveling, in which one could get a bit saturated with nature and wildlife, Namibia’s landscapes was truly able to surprise and amaze. 

Currently I appreciate the bed and comfort of the wineries in South Africa. Already, yes that’s how it feels, already the last country we visit in Africa. In June we will be back in Prague, until then we keep the traveling mood high. Oh did I mention we saw some Elephants and other game? Whaaoeee

1 thought on “Africa Wild”

  1. Hoi Harm,
    Wat maken jullie een geweldige reis en wat een prachtige foto’s van jullie trektocht door het Afrikaanse werelddeel. Leuk dat Rienke en Husam een stuk met jullie mee zijn gereisd. Geniet van jullie laatste maanden!

    Mvg. Frank

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