About us

About us

We fell in love in the beautiful city Prague where we are currently living. Katchie is the Czech part of our duo, Harm is from The Netherlands, happy to have the opportunity to discover a new country in Central Europe with a native guide.Besides falling in love with each other, we fell in love with triathlon, making sports a big part of our everyday life. Not only sports linked with high production of endorphins make our days brighter, also having great food in nice places is part of our favorite discovery creating again a necessity of further sport activities.

As the sportsman’s heart remains beating even if traveling, and traveling with the bike and the wetsuit is making things overcomplicated, we will keep running the beauty of the world and if there is chance to win some race, we go for it! (even though chances are low). Now you know the main topics we are going to talk about on this blog – about us running somewhere in the world with regular intake of delicious calories. Therefore if you want to discover the stories about our traveling, racing and great food, follow us here on our social media.

About Harm

I still remember when I was 15….With the family for holidays in France. And all I wanted? Go home! I was homesick. Now 20 years later, knowing the taste of traveling I would like to discover as never before! If somebody would have told me 5 years ago that the first thing  I would like to pack would be my running shoes, it would have been a laughter. I look forward to feel how different crowds, landscapes and climates will influence the running race experiences!

About Katchie

Being hooked by the idea of world discovery and freedom of traveling, it took me five years to make the final decision, supported by the similar crazy person next to me, and move forward from dreaming to doing. Enthusiastic, with a great deal of respect to the upcoming adventure, I am looking forward to discover the newness of our traveling stories, and last but not least to discover the new parts of myself.